Pet Behavioural Counseling – Specializing in the Issues of Cats and Dogs

We Will Help Answer Questions About Recent Behaviour by Your Pets

Pet behaviour consultation is one of the many services we offer at our clinic. We will provide you with as much information and advice that you need, to help answer some of the questions that recent bad behaviour may have brought to light.  

Abnormal cat behavior may include (but not limited to):

Avoiding the litter box, excessive meowing, hissing and other attention-seeking behaviour, biting, clawing or destructive scratching, excessive night-time activity, licking, chewing or biting themselves and extreme vocalization.

Abnormal dog behavior may include (but not limited to):

Chewing inappropriate objects, excessive barking, digging, begging and whining, marking in the house, stealing food off the table or counters, aggression, seperation anxiety and jumping up on furniture or people.

If you have recently experienced any of these bad behaviors, don’t hesitate to call us today, to book a pet behaviour consultation.