General Veterinary Surgery – Specializing in Small Animals

We specialize in routine spaying and neutering, lump removals, foreign body and soft tissue surgeries.

We Treat Your Pets As If They Were Our Own

If you’ve recently found out your pet may require veterinary surgery, you may be overwhelmed and nervous. We want to make sure you know exactly what your loved one will be undergoing. It is important that you understand all the risks, benefits, symptoms and side effects. We treat your pets like our own, so they get the same amount of love and care, both in and out of the operating room.

An Excellent Standard Of Anesthetic Protocol During All Veterinary Surgery Procedures

We perform many different surgeries. From spaying and neutering, to the treatment of injury or disease. Each surgery comes with intravenous fluids and pre-anesthetic blood work as part of the routine procedure. Along with our excellent standard of anesthetic protocol. With multiple monitoring procedures in place to maximize your pets’ safety, you can rely on us.