Veterinary Pharmacy & Medicine

Extensive Range of Medications That Can Be Filled at the Clinic!

There’s no need to make that extra stop to pick up your pet’s medications! And for those pets who are difficult to medicate, we provide alternatives such as flavoured liquids or topical medications.

Boasting A Deluxe In House Pharmacy

At Stoney Trail Vet Clinic we know how important it is that you are able to get the medicine you need for your pet, when you need it. We have an in house pharmacy and can provide all the required medicine for your pet. Our staff also has valuable tips on how to easily administer the medications. Just ask!

Conveniently Refill Your Prescriptions Online

Our pharmacy is always fully stocked with regularly prescribed medications. You can refill your prescriptions online via our webpage. Please allow for at least one full business day for the processing of your order!